Create your own fully-immersive assessments

Insert, move, and manipulate 3D models

360° videos/images as background

Video download and playback

Quiz assessments with detailed results

Integrated Text-to-Speech capabilities

Time based events

Hotspots and selection tools for greater scene interaction

Outcomes for compliance tracking

Companion app for sharing assessments

Tool Workflow

Create a project

Upload your own or import 360° images and videos. Add text, audio, 3D models, hotspots or questions to bring the experience to life.

Customize the experience

Change the aesthetic of your project by adding images, audio, 3D models, hotspots, and time-based events. Customize by changing the font, color, size and more!

Add assessment questions

Ensure consistency and the most up to date training with the ability to add and update questions at any time. Enable text-to speech functionality to have the questions read to the user and customize responses with images, video, audio, or other scenes for ultimate flexibility.

Provide assessment feedback

Add rules based on the user's responses to guide them throughout the assessment or share their overall result at the end. How this is displayed is up to you!

Preview the result

Check what you've created looks and feels like by previewing your assessment before publishing so you know in advance what your users will experience.

Export the file

Your finished VR assessments can be exported in a variety of different ways through xAPI or SCORM.


VR assessments can be distributed via invite links, eAssessment system, your Learning Management System (LMS), or you can use our hosting service.


Compatible with all major VR headsets to give a fully-immersive experience. For easy transition to VR training and assessing, you can deliver creations via a standard flat monitor or mobile device through a companion app.

eNetReality™ Companion App

Enable learners to experience your assessments on VR headsets or mobile devices. The simple-to-use companion app for Android can be found here.

Now available on Android and Oculus.

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